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Verdun france ww1
French trench at Côte 304, Verdun
French trench battle.jpg
Battle of Verdun. French trench on the front lines, 1916. (Photo by
Poisoned: The damage was done by the millions shells filled with arsenic fired during the
French soldiers coming out of their trenches. (Credit: Public Domain)
Bravery: French soldiers run out onto the battlefield outside Verdun. They would eventually win
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10 Facts About the Battle of Verdun
American ambulance destroyed, Verdun, France, WW1
Great War Photos 
Battle of Verdun
Learn The Significance of the Battle of Verdun in WWI
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French soldiers crawling through their own barbed wire
Close-up image of a French soldier being shot at Verdun, France: the longest battle of WWI & in modern war history, fought between French & German armies ...
The Sacred Way, Verdun. (Credit: UIG/Getty Images)
Verdun battlefield scars WW1 Verdun France, exploded thick steel gun turrets and bunkers, - YouTube
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French soldiers crawling through their own barbed wire
French troops manning a captured German Maxim gun at Fort Douaumont, Verdun, 1916.
WWI Centenary: the battle for Verdun
Exploring WWI Sights in Verdun, France
A French soldier at the battle of Verdun wearing a gas mask, 1916.
Retired forest services worker Daniel Gadois walks past the ruins of the First World War Ouvrage
French infantry under fire from German artillery during the Battle of Verdun, 1916, Peter
First phase, 21 February – 1 March[edit]
Bombardment of French troops during the Battle of Verdun. World War One 1916
Aerial view of Verdun, France
VerdunFrench infantry facing a curtain of fire in front of Fort Vaux, Verdun, Verdun
View of central Verdun, France, with the Meuse River in the background, taken from the town's central monument to the epic battle in 1916.
WW1. French soldiers in a trench during the Battle of Verdun in 1916.
WW1 ARGUS ARCHIVE: French triumph at Verdun
France Commemorates Centenary of WWI Battle of Verdun. Getty Images
French soldier shot during battle. Verdun ...
In the open quarries, territorial French soldiers dig up the rock that will reinforce the road from Verdun to Bar-le-Duc Train (Image: National Geographic)
A perforated metal bowl, springs from an artillery gun, a spool for communications wire
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A Century After Its End, See 10 Photos From the Longest Battle of World War I
First World War: The martyr villages of Verdun live on as emblems of war's folly
Crosses stand at the WWI Douaumont ossuary near Verdun, France, on March 4, 2014. #
Verdun, France: Site stands as monument to bloody WWI battle
The remains of a former French communications and supply trench from the First World War Battle
View of Verdun after 8 months of bombing. (Credit: Galerie Bilderwelt/Getty
Douaumont Ossuary
France against Germany Location. Verdun, France Date. February 21 to December 18, 1916 Result. Stalemate with France retaining Verdun Commanders.
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French mortar firing an eleven hundred pound shell
French soldiers move into attack from their trench during the Verdun battle in 1916.
A visitor photographs a portion of the exterior of Fort Douamont near Verdun, France.
Battle at Thiaumont, Verdun, France, WW1
Verdun Battlefield tour
Cost: The ruined town and cathedral of Verdun after the Germans tried to take it
The Morte Homme, a small hill and ridge that was the scene of heavy fighting
The Battle of Verdun started on February 21st 1916 and ended on December 16th in 1916. It was to make General Philippe Pétain a hero in France.
9FK 1916 0 0 A1 1 E Hill near Verdun after an attack WWI World War I France Battle at Verdun 1916 The Hill Cote du Poivre after
Verdun WW1: Shredded flesh and pulverized corpses - one French soldier's harrowing account
A sign marks where the main street once passed on the site of the former village
First World War doctors in the field
Men dressed in WWI uniforms march during a parade, part of a reconstruction of the
The Douaumont ossuary
WW1 cemetery, Verdun, France ...
German prisoners at Verdun, France, WW1
Freepages ...
French troops in battle of Verdun, France, during World War I. HD Stock Footage
Douaumont ossuary and WW1 cemetery Verdun, France
French attack on the German lines during the Battle of Verdun
Verdun WW1 Battlefield site, Verdun-sur-Meuse,Pamart Machine Gun site,
Battle of Verdun (First World War)[edit]
A World War I German bunker stands in Spincourt Forest on August 27, 2014, near Verdun, France. #
Memorial: After decades of peace, the forest is a lasting reminder of the damage
Douaumont ossuary and WW1 cemetery Verdun, France
Aerial photograph of Verdun, France, during WW1 - Stock Image
Footsteps from recent visitors are visible among the remains of a former French communications and supply
100 Years Ago: Battle of Verdun ends after 10-month struggle
Before and after shots of Fort Douaumont near Verdun, France 1915-1916
Douaumont ossuary and WW1 cemetery Verdun, France– Stock Editorial Photography
French soldiers wore horizon blue by the time of Verdun (right image: London Illustrated London News & Sketch)
More than 16,000 German and French soldiers are interned under markets in the Douaumont Ossuary, near the area in Verdun, France, where 120,000 Americans ...
Douaumont ossuary and WW1 cemetery Verdun, France– Stock Editorial Photography
A re-enactment of the bombardment of an artillery bombardment in the Bois des Caures
Soldiers in the trenches during World War One, Battle of Verdun. (Credit:
Monument To WW1 Soldiers In Verdun, France
WW1 Fortess Douaumont near Verdun in France - csp47082249
French cartoon depicting Kaiser Wilhelm and son at Verdun battlefield, 1916.
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A steel machine-gun turret overlooks the Woëvre Plain from the top of Fort Douamont on August 27, 2014, near Verdun, France. Fort Douamont was one of a ...
British troops go over the top of the trenches during the Battle of the Somme,
African American Troops Near Verdun
WW1 - David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, OM PC