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French and spanish war 1800s
Franco–Spanish War. HeimBattleRocroy.jpg
El dos de mayo de 1808 en Madrid rdit.jpg
The Spanish Army's triumph at Bailén was the French Empire's first land defeat. Painting by José Casado del Alisal
Fransh invasion
La Bataille des Dunes by Charles-Philippe Larivière.
The Battle of Salamanca
French counterattack[edit]
PART ONE 1. Introduction: The Royal Navy. - - Ships-of-the-line. > - - Frigates. > - - Schooners. > - - Gunboats. > 2. Admiral Nelson.
french and indian war
Colored painting showing French army at Varoux
Spain Fully Subdued 19 BCE
Seven Years' War
American-Indian Wars
Battle of New Orleans
French Infantry on the march: Battle of Malplaquet 11th September 1709 War of the Spanish
... on engraving from the 1800s. An unsuccessful attempt by Spain and France to capture Gibraltar from the British during the American War of Independence.
Thirty Years' War
Classics Spanish Books - French Revolution
French Cavalry attacking at the Battle of Malplaquet 11th September 1709 War of the Spanish Succession
The impact of the Napoleonic Wars in Britain
Anglo-French Wars
French and Indian War
American Spanish War
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10 things you (probably) didn't know about the Spanish Armada
Christopher Columbus
The Pueblo Revolt
Plate 15 from The Disasters of War (Los Desastres de la Guerra): And
Irish soldiers in the 18th century Spanish Army. The banner reads 'Irlanda'.
USS Maine exploded at Havana
Spanish refugees approaching the French internment camp of Argelès-Sur-Mer.
The Spanish-American War and Its Consequences
Map of the Battle of Corunna in the Napoleonic wars. Red squares represent British infantry, blue squares represent French infantry and blue and white ...
Image of the USS Maine
Viceroyalty of New Spain Map 1810
French and Indian War
Because of a war that left North America vulnerable to British conquest — and thus ready for the US's expansion
... French, and Dutch Explorers, ...
... 1492–1543,English, French, and Dutch Explorers, 1497–1682,European Settlements, 1640,Slavery in the Americas, 1400s to 1800s,Revolutionary War, ...
... French, and Dutch Explorers, 1497–1682,European Settlements, 1640,Slavery in the Americas, 1400s to 1800s,Revolutionary War, 1775–1781,American ...
Spanish Rule
... 1821–1861,War With Mexico, 1846–1848,Slavery Divides the Nation, 1820–1857,Slavery and the Economy, 1860,The Union and the Confederacy, 1861–1865,Civil ...
The English Fleet gives battle to the Spanish Armada: A Spanish galeas occupies the foreground
Spanish Conquistadors
Madrid is the capital of Spain.
The French intervention of Mexico by the army of the Second French Empire is also known as The Franco-Mexican War. This invasion was orchestrated by France, ...
Admiral Nelson's victory over the French Fleet on 1st August 1798 that made him a household name throughout Europe
Europe in 1808
Illustration of the Battle of Fallen Timbers, one of many Ohio Indian Wars.
... 1750,Revolutionary War, 1775–1781 ...
... 1400s to 1800s,Revolutionary War, 1775–1781,American Expansion, 1803–1853,Explorations of the West, 1804–1844,Trails West, 1821–1861,Slavery Divides the ...
Indian Attack by Charles Marion Russell
English cavalry attacking the Sikh at the Battle of Aliwal
The Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War.
French & Indian War
Map of Spain and Portugal during the Peninsular War 1808 to 1814
Moncontour (1570)
Battle of Vimeiro on 21st August 1808 in the Peninsular War: picture by William Heath
Viceroyalty of New Spain 1819
08 - San Martin and Bolivar.jpg
Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People, oil on canvas, 2.6 x 3.25m
Old antique French or Spanish soldier cabinet card photo late 1800's
Trophies Taken by the British from the Napoleonic Army during the War of Spanish Independence (Peninsular War) 1808 - 1814
Hundred Years' War
The French triumphant at Rocroi in the Thirty Years' War. The battle marked the
Impact of the French and Indian War
The last cartridge - by K. Rocco
Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry, by Peter Paul Rubens. Ivry was the
... The Blind Guitarist (El ciego de la guitarra) ...
New English 'race' ship that the Spanish could not catch to board and whose
The Battle of Medina (1800s)- During this time, anti-Spanish revolt spread across Mexico and extended into Texas. This broke out a war against the Spaniards ...
The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25 - YouTube
Civil war Battle of Antietam
Map of Louisiana Purchase
Map pin placed in Madrid, Spain on map, close-up.
French Infantry bivouacking: Battle of Malplaquet 11th September 1709 War of the Spanish Succession:
Battle of Eylau
... 1500s –Spain, Portugal, France American Revolution, 1776 French Revolution and Enlightenment, 1789 Napoleon's conquests within Europe, 1800s
John Smith's, and Jamestown's, encounters with Indians initiated centuries of North American red-white violence.
... The Arms of France, from a collection of material relating to the fear of a
Battle of the Nile