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Double robotics software
Work from anywhere.
Universal 360 Camera Mount
Double Robotics Telepresence Robot can be hacked
Learn from anywhere.
Slide your Double into the Charging Dock with the Double logo facing the Charging Dock. Alternatively, if you do not have a Charging Dock, you can plug the ...
Finally, take the Double out from the box and place it on a flat surface.
Photo of Double: Meet Double, your robot double.
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Double Robotics review: Why go to the office when a robot can go for you? | Macworld
Double Robotics
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Double Robotics
Charging the Robot
Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot
Double Robotics
Double on the App Store
This was my second problem with telepresence: it's just not that great for getting to know people with. Even if it was normal to be wandering around the ...
Double 2 Telepresence Robot - Speaker and Charging Dock
Secure Communication
Double Robotics
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018 01:05PM PST
... Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot
Average Rating
... Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot ...
Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot
How David Cann Of Double Robotics Created A World Where You Never Have To Go To Work
Amazon.com: Double Robotics Double 2 Telepresence Robot for iPad Tablet (core Robot only; Accessories and iPad not Included): Office Products
Double Robotics CEO David Cann appear on the screen of Double telepresence robot at Web Summit
Double Robotics - Charging Dock
... Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot ...
... Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot ...
Tablet or iPad not included
Double 2 Telepresence Robot Unboxing
Learn more about Double Robotics here…
Double Robotics Driving Resources
Double Robotics - Self-Balancing Telepresence Robot / Motorized iPad Stand
Double Robotics | using an iPad, an app, and a robot to telecommute and more.
The user controls Double via an iPad from a remote location. Image: Double Robotics
Double Robotics
Double Robotics Universal 360 Camera Mount for Double 2 Telepresence Robot
Double Robotics - Double Telepresence Robot
Watch Double Robotics | How do I drive my Double using the Doubl.
Photo of Double: Double\'s kickstand deploys when the robot is not in
I may as well have been on Skype ...
Photo of Double: How tall do you want to be?
Double Robotics
Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Demo
Double 4+. Double Robotics
Double Robotics' $2,500 telepresence robot lets CEO David Cann in California attend the Web Summit
Double 2 Telepresence Robot - Package Closed
Telepresence might be good in small doses
Double Apps.jpg
Telepresence Robot Momentarily Freed Remotely From Its Conference Room Prison
Jay Liew controls a 'Double' Robot with an ipad at the corporate office of
Double Robotics builds 'body' for iPad videoconferencing
Double Robotics - Self-Balancing Telepresence Robot / Motorized iPad Stand
a telepresence robot from Double Robotics - etiquette!
The robot is controlled via the Double Robotics iOS app (download from the Apple App Store) on an iPhone or iPad or a computer using a Google Chrome browser ...
Double Robotics' Usefullness Covered in Wedge Magazine – Jp
"You're not just passive; you can move around and explore."
The modified version of the Double 2 is designed specifically for use as a 360 Camera Dolly. Instead of an iPad and camera, it includes a camera mount with ...
Double Robot
Abby Fisher directs a Double Robotics Telepresence Robot through a hallway at Vassalboro Community School using
(Following is an unedited webinar, presented by Robert Dahlstrom is founder and CEO of Apellix Robotics.)
Telepresence Robots Bring More Face Time to Remote Workers
Robots to the rescue!
Double Robotics - Double 2
Double 2 Telepresence Robot Has Better Stability, New Camera, and Turbo Button - IEEE Spectrum
KUBI Classic Telepresence Robot, Web controlled Video Conferencing Robotic Desktop Tablet Stand with Far End
[Photo: courtesy of Double Robotics] ...
Double Robotics
THE first time i actually logged in, no one even noticed me appear
[Photo: courtesy of Double Robotics] ...
Rethink Robotics' Intera 3 is an upgrade to its software platform designed to double the performance and expand the abilities of Baxter, a human-safe robot ...
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Double Robotics Telepresence Robot for iPad Tablet
YuMi® in questions and answers
Double Robot
Bringing Humans into Technology. “
The Audio and Video accessories are also backwards compatible with the Double 1 and can be successfully used to enhance the first generation robot.
Photo of Double: Gather with coworkers for impromptu meetings.
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ABB Ltd. is set to double its robot production capacity in China by increasing the number of research employees in the country, according to CEO Ulrich ...
Double 2 Telepresence Robot - User Manual and Mounting Hardwares
12 reasons robots could be the next trillion-dollar business opportunity
Robots: Coming to an Office Near You
Double Robotics' CEO demos his robot.
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